The MPA is YOU - the parents & families of students at Maracas!

Here are the specific parents to whom to direct questions and present ideas.

If interested in being on the board, please email or chat with one of the current board members.



My oldest daughter just graduated after 3 years at Maracas. My youngest is in Sra. Laura's class. I have been the garden lead for the past two years and I'm excited to take on a bigger role with the MPA.



I have 2 daughters at Maracas.  My eldest is in Sra. Martha's class and my youngest is in Sra. Debbie's class.  This is our 4th school year being part of the Maracas family and we love it!


Board Member

I have a son in Sra. Vicky’s class, and we have been so blessed to be a part of the Maracas family for one year. I have chosen to join the Board to contribute more personally to the joy Maracas provides to students, families and staff across the year. Outside of my duties with the board, you will find me catching babies as a certified nurse midwife.


Board Member

Our family moved to the Triangle from Toronto, Canada four years ago. I am currently a stay-at-home parent to two children. My son attended Maracas for almost 3 years and my daughter is in Sra. Martha’s and Sra. Angelica’s class. The Maracas community is an extension of our family and we love being part of it.


Board Member

This is our second year with Maracas and we now have a 4 year old and a 1.5 year old at the school. I love the school and all the teachers so I figured I should give back and be a part of what makes the school great. When I am not picking up or dropping off, I am organizing fun corporate team building events and private parties at our sports complex. The equipment I own should help make all of our Maracas events more fun and engaging for all!



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